The Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive, (RoHS), 2002/95/EC, is very explicit about which substances should be restricted and the precise levels that may be tolerated. Refer to the RoHS directive for specific details concerning this matter.

IST provides “Turn-Key” RoHS Program Development and Implementation:
Our engineers perform a complete compliance assessment of each individual product family, converting your Bill of Materials (BOM) to be fully compliant and resolves your component engineering issues. A “Material Compliance Document” will be provided listing each product family and component parts. Non‑compliant materials will be identified and a replacement compliant material will be recommended. Whenever materials are replaced we will assess any impact to product design or manufacture and will supply CAD documentation to support your transition to RoHS compliance. We will also help you in completing the EU’s required “Materials Declaration Form”.

RoHS Service Deliverables:

  • RoHS Compliance Analysis
  • Survivability Test Programs
  • Material Workflow Analysis
  • Material Declaration Form
  • Replacement Material Recommendations
  • Marking and Labeling
  • Material Compliance Document
  • Corporate Policies and Practices


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