display onlyToday- company executives faced with escalating overhead costs, rising healthcare premiums and aggressive competitors can’t afford to go-it-alone. By tapping into our engineering expertise you get quick results, add value to your products and make your company more profitable.

How do we make your business more profitable?

  • Reduce overhead costs
    • Your project load varies—and so should your staff. It’s very costly to sustain a large engineering staff in anticipation of future projects. We provide specialized services and engineering expertise on demand and only when you need it.
  • Avoid extra costs
    • We keep our eye on the prize. From beginning to end of the project, we are always focused on your goals and bottom line. We use Best-of-Breed DFM Practices to streamline our process and make your product development cycle more efficient.
  • Decrease time-to-market
    • When we work together, you get our full attention. We give you a dedicated team of innovative engineers who work exclusively on your project. With experts focused on your project we get the job done right—and faster.
  • Increase company assets
    • Our clients receive tangible benefits from our work product and retain 100% ownership of any Intellectual Property developed while we are under contract.


ist gets it done!