1394 Trade Association

American Electronics Association

American National Standards Institute

Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMIC)

BICSI Telecom Association

Bishop & Associates, Inc.

Brushwellman Engineered Materials

Consumer Electronics Association

Compact Flash Association


Connector Specifier

Contech Research, Inc.

Digital Display Working Group

Department of Trade & Industry— RoHS Directive

Department of Trade & Industry—WEEE Directive

Department of Trade & Industry—ELV Regulations

Electronic Industries Alliance

Eastman Chemical Company


EE Times

Electronics Express Europe

Electro-Horizons, Electronics Made Easy!

Electronic Business

Electronic Supply & Manufacturing

Electronic Product News

Electronic Products & Technology

Electronics Representatives Association

European Component Source Directory

Fibre Channel Industry Association

Fleck Research

Gaming Standards Association

GE Plastics, Resins

GigaTest Labs

Asian Sources Electronic Components

Global Sources, Electronic Products

Hansen Report on Automotive Electronics

Heyco Metals


InfiniBand Trade Association

Inst. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD (Ethernet)

Intelligent Data Bus Forum

International Electrotechnical Commission

Inst. of Interconnecting & Packaging Electronic Circuits

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association

The Miller Company

MOST Cooperation

Nat'l. Center for Manufacturing Sciences

National Electronic Distributors Association

North East Systems Associates

Open DeviceNet Vendor Association

Peripheral Component Interconnect

Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG)

Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA)

Power Source Manufacturers Association

RF Globalnet

Rogers Corporation


Serial ATA

Society of Automotive Engineers

Surface Mount Technology Association

Semiconductor Research Corporation

SCSI Trade Association

Small Form Factor Committee

Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE)

Technical Committee T10 - SCSI / SAS

Technical Committee T11 - Fibre Channel

Telcordia Technologies, Inc.

Telecommunications Industry Association

Ticona Engineering Polymers

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

United States Patent & Trademark Office

Unified 10Gbps Physical-layer Initiative

Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Video Electronics Standards Association

VITA Standards Organization

VMEbus International Trade Organization

XENPAK MultiSource Agreement

XFP MultiSource Agreement

X2 MultiSource Agreement

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