The End-of-Life Vehicles directive, (ELV), 2002/53/EC urges manufacturers to apply preventive measures to reduce and control the use of hazardous substances in vehicles in order to prevent their release into the environment and facilitate recycling. The use of lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium should be prohibited. Refer to Annex I and II of the ELV Directive for a complete listing of the substances in question. On January 1, 2006, reuse and recovery of all ELV’s was increased to 85% minimum; and reuse and recycling was increased to 80% minimum by average weight per vehicle.

IST provides “Turn-Key” ELV Program Development and Implementation:
IST’s engineers perform a complete compliance assessment of each individual product family, converting your Bill of Materials (BOM) to a fully compliant status, while resolving your component engineering issues. A “Material Compliance Document” will be provided listing each product family and component parts. Non-compliant materials will be identified and a replacement compliant material will be recommended. We will also gather data which will enable you to declare a component’s material composition, the percent content of recyclable substances, and make the determination of ELV responsibility. Using this information, you may quickly register your products for sale into the European Union.

ELV Service Deliverables:                            

  • ELV Compliance Analysis       
  • Replacement Material Recommendations                                                                     
  • Material Workflow Analysis
  • Survivability Test Programs     
  • Compliance Marking and Labeling                                                                               
  • Material Declaration Form       
  • Material Compliance Document           
  • Product Schematic, (substance and location identification)
  • Corporate Policies and Practices


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