EXPERT SERVICES — Thermal Analysis/CFD

COSMOS Thermal analysis allows IST’s design engineers to perform heat transfer analysis of simple models or complex 3D assemblies. Thermal analysis allows us to study temperature changes encountered by mechanical parts and structures in their normal operating conditions, which influence a product's performance. All analysis attributes are applied directly to 3D model geometry rather than a FEA mesh. In this way the software ensures the associativity of analysis attributes even if the 3D model changes.


  • Steady State Heat Transfer for Parts and Assemblies
  • Conduction, Convection and Radiation Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Transient Heat Transfer with Time Varying Boundary Conditions
  • Isotropic, Orthotropic, and Temperature-dependent Material Properties
  • Temperature-dependent Convection Coefficient and Heat Generation Rates



FLUENT computational fluid dynamic, (CFD), analysis software is used to resolve more complex fluid flow phenomena which involve Phase Change and Radiation. Additional analysis capabilities closely related to Heat Transfer include CFD models for cavitation, compressible liquids, heat exchangers, shell conduction, real gas, and wet steam. The Phase Change model tracks melting and freezing in the bulk fluid. The analysis of multiple heat sources and disparate thermal boundaries options round-out our capabilities.


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