CASE STUDIES — Flip Chip Interposer

Our client is one of the fastest growing start-up companies in Silicon Valley. They operate on the leading edge of the technology envelope on extremely aggressive projects and schedules. Their core competency in semiconductor technologies and packaging techniques is unsurpassed. However, their expertise in developing an injection molded interconnect package to terminate an active device to a printed circuit board was challenged.

IST was able to fill that void. We were contracted to work with their internal design team and their customer to develop a concept for a 3000, 4000, and 5000 I/O flip chip interconnect package in accordance with "Land Grid Array" design rules. Because of our knowledge and expertise within the printed circuit board industry, we were able to develop an interconnect scheme which utilized fine-line technology to maintain the mechanical integrity and electrical separation required for the multilayer trace routing of the interposer footprint and the printed circuit board.

Technical Skills

  • Intimate knowledge of industry, equipment, and application engineering
  • Transmission Line and Signal Fidelity Theory
  • Electronic Contact Physics
  • Electro-mechanical engineering principles
  • Copper Alloy materials selection
  • Polyester Thermoplastic materials selection
  • Injection Molding manufacturing processes
  • Materials Treatments and Finishes
  • Technical Writing & Report Generation

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