CASE STUDIES — Electrical Power Distribution System Components

Our client serves the Rail and Bus Industry with headquarters in Europe and a start-up subsidiary located in the United States. Their products include AC and DC electrical control devices and power distribution systems. IST was contracted to assist this manufacturer develop a presence in North America and penetrate the Rail and Bus markets. After conducting a study of the installed base for these products in Europe and their competing counterparts in North America, IST developed an overview of performance matching criteria which highlighted potential sales opportunities for this manufacturer’s products in the Industrial markets which use electrical switching devices and continuous motion control systems. To facilitate the market penetration and acceptance of these products in North America, IST has developed a series of auxiliary products specifically targeted toward the retro-fit and repair market which services the Transportation and Industrial markets mentioned previously.

Technical Skills

  • Intimate knowledge of industry, equipment, and application engineering
  • Electro-mechanical engineering of multi-component mechanisms
  • Material selection for performance and environmental survival
  • Analysis of mechanical systems and modeling
  • Technical Writing & Report Generation

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