CASE STUDIES — Electronic Characterization of a Passive Component

Our client is one of the industries largest manufacturers of electro-mechanical interconnect devices. IST was contracted to develop a series of test plans which would characterize the electrical performance of several mature product lines. The customer indicated that sales of these products had benefited from the market expansion of RF applications and wireless communications services. Strategically, the customer had an opportunity to gain market share by increasing capacity of these products. The customer was curious to learn what product enhancements might be made today, that would extend the products life cycle into the future. Our characterization process yielded  benchmarks for each product as produced today. Based on our knowledge of the industry and equipment types in-place and in development, we were able to make several recommendations as to what the performance criteria for these products might be in 2 years and 5 years hence. Consequently, our customer was able to incorporate these design enhancements to impede obsolescence and extend the products life.

Technical Skills

  • Intimate knowledge of industry, equipment, and application engineering
  • Electronic Contact Physics
  • Materials Treatments and Finishes
  • Transmission Line and Signal Fidelity Theory
  • Time and Frequency Domain test equipment and methods
  • Scattering Parameters resolution to pre-defined bandwidth
  • Capacitance Matrix and Signal Reflection resolution to pre-defined rise times
  • Technical Writing & Report Generation

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