CASE STUDIES — Electronic Characterization of a High Frequency Component

Our client was one of the top 5 interconnect companies in the world prior to its acquisition. Their products typically employed leading edge technology and the company introduced products on extremely aggressive schedules. Their core competency in interconnect development was unsurpassed. However, in certain instances, their internal resources became overtaxed.

IST was contracted to develop a series of test plans which would characterize the electrical performance of a new product line they were planning to introduce. Our characterization process yielded  an electrical performance benchmark for their product. Additionally, we identified areas where performance dropped off due to an inductance or capacitance imbalance.

Based on our expert knowledge and understanding of high speed transmission line theory and signal fidelity, we made several recommendations to modify the interconnect geometry in a manner that would greatly minimize the adverse effects of the inductive and capacitive loading.
Consequently, our customer was able to incorporate these design improvements to enhance the electrical performance of their new product.

Technical Skills

  • Intimate knowledge of industry, equipment, and application engineering
  • Electronic Contact Physics
  • Materials Treatments and Finishes
  • Transmission Line and Signal Fidelity Theory
  • Time and Frequency Domain test equipment and methods
  • Scattering Parameters resolution to pre-defined bandwidth
  • Capacitance Matrix and Signal Reflection resolution to pre-defined rise times
  • Technical Writing & Report Generation

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